Ibiza, Spain

April 2015

I, contrary to popular school of thought, did not take a pill in Ibiza. I instead opted for a bath, which I’m nearly 100% certain gave me a rash that lasted long after my sunburn had faded. Safe to say, my experience in Ibiza was different to that of the majority.

I purposely went to Ibiza out-of-season so I could experience what the island had to offer without the buzz of tourists. I wanted to see empty beaches, eat great seafood, and visit the old roman fort (and it was much cheaper- basically a steal). Because of the price, I was able to stay in a nice hotel facing the ocean (well, maybe a 60 degree, angled view of the sea front, but I’ll take it!), and it was essentially empty except for a few older couples that had the same idea as I.

The first night, Rhys and I went to a fantastic, candle-lit restaurant right on the boardwalk and after our meal of fresh seafood and (too much) wine, frolicked on the windy beach, blissful- it was our first beach holiday.

The next day we explored the boardwalk, went to the old fort and the old city, and had some amazing weather and views. It was too cold to go swimming in the immaculate pool in the courtyard of our hotel, but we did it anyway, to the disapproval of hotel staff as we dripped through the lobby back to our room.

The next day we had even better weather, and had other vacationers join us in our swimming and beach dwelling antics. (I even went on the beach topless! Bucket list- check). That’s when it felt like a real holiday, but sadly, we had to return to uni. Fortunately, not before we got to eat real paella and Rhys nearly tossed his cookies because they left the heads on the shrimp. Delicious.

The journey home was quite eventful, as two of our fellow passengers on the RyanAir flight got in a full-on domestic and had to be separated by flight attendants. What makes it better: the male in the discrepancy has on a shirt that promoted both “Ibiza” and “Stella” beer. Priceless. Perhaps I did have the normal Ibiza experience after all…

I hope Avicci thinks I’m cool!

Borrowed clothes: for this trip I borrowed some flip flops from a flat mate (moving to England, I didn’t think they would be necessary, with the constant winter-causal weather), along with a floral top from a charity shop I got for 50 pence (Score!)

Pro travel tips:

  • If you want to see the island for what it is, DO go out of season. but I will warn, you can see how the island’s party reputation has left it in a slightly decrepit state.
  • If you want to experience the island the Mike Posner way, DO NOT go out-of-season. It kind of feels like when you wake up early and have the quiet morning hours to yourself and the early-bird-oldsters. It’s just a personal preference.
  • Don’t take a bath. (refer to first paragraph)
  • Even if the weather isn’t as hot, wear sunscreen if it’s sunny.
  • Don’t visit Ibiza alone- I can imagine it would be dangerous.


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