Boston, USA

December 2014

This was my first time back home after moving to the UK. And I was so excited! Too excited; to the point that I fainted in Manchester Airport and nearly missed my flight home. Probable cause: wearing all my NEW (nothing borrowed yet) warm clothes, in an over-crowded airport, that already had the heat on full blast. Oops!

Returning home for the holidays was filled with the usual due diligence’s:  lots of family time, driving around where I grew up, hanging out with old friends but talking about new friends/university, the odd message from the ex-boy fling, and of course returning to my part-time waitress job I had in high school at Ashland Ale House; the coolest bar/family restaurant in town. As a poor university student with a travel addiction, it was a necessity. Over-working during the holidays and not spending enough time with my family wasn’t a necessity, but it happened anyway.

And thus, after 3 short weeks I returned to my Nottingham 8-bed flat with a true sense of purpose, accomplishment, and new and borrowed clothes (along with about 5 pounds that I will blame on Santa for not eating his cookies and leaving them out…). I felt like I had made the right decision going to university abroad, any sense of homesickness had left me, and I was ready to move on to my next adventure.

Borrowed Clothes: For my trip home, I brought with me my boyfriend’s T-shirt and his Aston Villa blanket (which he has now fully accepted my ownership of), along with a top “borrowed” from my flatmate, that I thought a good representation of British fashion, and wore so people would think my own questionable fashion sense had improved over my 4-month stint in the UK (They didn’t). 

Pro Travel Tips:

  • When traveling home for the holidays for the first time after moving away, make sure you spend most of your time with your family, as they’ve missed you the most.
  • Don’t pack all your new cool clothes- The holiday season is a time of eating and lounging around the house, sweatpants and a T-shirt will do the trick- and you’re family and friends will know if you try too hard.
  • Work a little if you can, but don’t get stuck doing crazy holiday hours that no one wants to do.
  • Eat as much home cooked food as you can. You’ll miss it when you return to toast and other cheap student specialities.

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